The art of communicating science

Art and science help us to understand society.


This initiative is based on the understanding that we need to find new ways to communicate research without diminishing its significance or results.


Allowing science to meet an art form and, through the comic format, mirror both the research process and the research results in “a fresh pair of eyes” can be described as a reflexive process that develops knowing and thus enables us to reach new insights through boundary-crossing dialogues.  

Our aim in bringing science and comic art together is to contribute to greater curiosity and understanding for research among the general public. We hope this will create the conditions whereby the research can be used for the benefit of as many people as possible and become better rooted in society, something that is ultimately a question of democracy. 


The Research Comic Group consists of Axel Brechensbauer, concept designer and comic artist, and Maria Grafström and Anna Jonsson, both organizational researchers and associate professors in business administration. Our collarboration is partly a result of a communication project, partly a research project, both funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.


A selection of our latest collaborations:

In this edited volume, essays were reflected in a research comic in order to contribute to thoughts and reflections about the struggle for knowledge.


In collaboration with the Swedish Space Agency, we described and visualized the process behind the development of a new satellite with the ambition that the public, but also future satellite projects, can learn about the work.

Together with researcher Alexandre Dubois, we interpreted and visualized his research on locally produced food in order to reach farmers in sparsely populated areas but also wider target groups.


We are interested in collaborating in the meeting between comic art and science. This can be expressed in various forms, for example that:

Interpret and develop

Together with researchers, an authority or other actors, we interpret and develop research results or other types of knowledge.

Visualize and describe processes

  With our developed method, we visualize and describe the processes behind research results or other types of knowledge – the process of generating knowledge

Translate and make available

  Based on existing research and knowledge, we translate results and messages to make them more accessible to wider groups. 



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A selection of our research comics:


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